#587 - Happy Halloween 2008

Joff on Oct. 30, 2008

Today's the release of the Bond film here in Britain… That's enough to call a temporary ceasefire against the undead :)

So this here's my last part of this year's Caper
I really wish I'd had more time to get involved.. Ah well, next year :)

Happy Halloween and such to you all.

Okay, Cameo list time:

Brunhilda and Gertrude are here from The KAMics:

Alexis from The Insanity of Xade is probably annoyed that Steve's STILL talking loudly during a film:

Baby, Chill, Wander and Little Alfred seem a little bemused by this quaint culture thing of the cinema… Maybe they don't have cinemas on Terra:

Fes and Ernst are here from P.S.I, enjoying a Bond film, as all people should:

Caths and Ben from Meiosis, with Ben unfortunatly stuck behind a pretty tall woman in a cinema… I hate it when that happens:

Little Thing from Prismatic Vodka seems to be enjoying himself:

Toshubi and Advisor Toh are also vaguely bemused by the talking wall… Though in all honesty, Toh's probably thinking to himself that Bond's an amateur and HE'D have killed twice as many goons by now:

Lia and Daisy from Salt The Holly are happy to relax a little in the midst of a zombie attack:

And lastly, I think it's the law that I have to include Hogan here in the Cameo Caper.. Because it messes with his system so very nicely :)