Kxela on June 14, 2017

LOL what the fuck is this? A Lost Invisible page in 2017? (I haven't logged on to Drunkduck in… 6 years.)

Honestly Li's story has become pretty hazy to me, I couldn't remember what I wanted from this page, it definitely wasn't going to be worded like this but the thought is the same.
I remember most of the plot points and stuff.

Drawing comics was always therapeutic to me, a way for me to get around my struggles. I'm back in America after living in Japan for a good 8 years, and am kinda stuck mentally and physically.
No job no car no stability.

I chould just be talking to myself on this page.

Anyways, entirely drawn digitally which is a first I believe for Lost Invisible. It was tough. I've drawn lots on my tablet but somehow a comic feels so different.
I really want pencil paper and ink for this kinda stuff. I need a legit scanner again.

Not gonna say I'm back but, it might continue as long as I need this comic therapy in my life.
I do wanna finish this chapter… some day.