The new look

Crimson General on July 31, 2007

Ok,..again,..I apologize for the lateness,..but theres a reason this time. Ill go over it in a sec.

First,..this comic doesnt mean I dont value opinions. I still very much care about readers. Though I am no longer going off of a schedule, more sugestions. I feel this way the comic will be more tailored to getting my thoughts and ideas out there. and If some of you like it, then Yay, two birds, one stone.

and the reason for lateness was my scanner didnt work. I used to hand make it with a mouse,..but now I scan in doodles,..adn make them pretty in photoshop (an Idea I got from teh os-so-talented creator of CTV)

So expect some updates,..usually once or twice a week. In strip format though,…this puppy took up LOOONG hours making.