Prelude Cover

thefightingstranger on April 20, 2008

Hello and welcome to my second webcomic on Drunk Duck.

Some of you might be familiar with my comic here, Opportunist P.I. (mainly because I'm going to link this page to the P.I. page update tomorrow). Unlike that one, Lucky Dawg will run for quite some time.

Once upon, I considered this comic to be my sure thing into the print world. I was lucky enough to get a hold of a couple of great guys. Pow Rodrix on the main art and Guillermo Ucha complementing with colors. I decided to do a superhero werewolf comic book. I mean, who does superhero werewolf stories anymore? Mainly it was just Marvel, but Werewolf By Night and Man-Wolf were not making any comebacks anytime soon. About an issue of art done, going onto the second issue of the series (set for four issues), I got a swift kick to my creative nuts.

Robert Kirkman announced he was doing a superhero werewolf comic.

So me, being stupid and paranoid, shot out a quick submission to Erik Larsen. Wasn't colored, I quickly lettered it off my uncensored script, no sound effects (which was extremely needed in places). He didn't like the bad language (which I was going to change anyway), some transitions (which was what the sound effects were to help), one thing that was going to quickly change in the story and one thing that I just wasn't going to change at all. He wanted more contacts for the main characters (family & friends type thing), but my main three characters were loners that found each other. But above the 3 out of 4 things that could be easily solved, he did say it had real promise. But the bottom line was, he wasn't going to accept superhero werewolf stories.

Bummer. But I kept on going forward with my dreams and kept the comic going. Here is a prelude to the main story featuring the title character. I printed this story and sold a few copies at last year's Wizard World Chicago.

So I plan on updating this one every Monday and Thursday. Thanks in advance for reading.