Crazy Tauren

magicalmisfits on Oct. 27, 2006

What Halloween Strip would be comlete without a ghost? Please welcome Whisper Song. She is not a Cameo she is all mine! I have plans for my cute little Common Elf Spook.

Ok guys Jessica from Blade of Toshubis. Since Tosh has kinda come at Shelterville from a different angle than the rest of us I decided to take his slant and kind of change it a little. Jessica is not crazy shes just a little dazed from hard knocks in her own strip. Walking through the second to last panel is Deadly Dia. Warning gang Dia is from the strip Porncrest. If your under age don't click on the link Mom and Dad will see the word Porn on the spyware.But don't dispare Kenn has a G rated strip Called the The_Lost_Battle_Fortress
This is a good story. Having said that all the Shelterville stories on Porncrest are G rated.
In other news I have new Fan art up in the Magical Misfits gallery by the Artist of Salimah go check out my Gallery.