Christmas 2007

magicalmisfits on Dec. 23, 2007

I never meant for Wheels to look like Santa. But of course he does so he gets stuck playing the part again. Summer of Public_Humiliationin the spirit of the season scams Santa. Stewart avoids being painted red. Stewart and Niel are standing in for Spar's Ty and Didi since they can't fly yet. Next year she will be riding her own Dragons! Stormy is one of Summers Agents a member of good standing in Summer's mob. She is the head of the Magical Misfits branch of the Mob! Hildegard makes a pretty hot Mrs. Claus if you ask me. I hope the real Santa brings lotsa art supplies! Merry Christmas.Insanity_of_Xade Has a Wheels action figure under the tree! Cant wait for the residuals from that start rolling in. And Boat unmasks Wheels at JC Pennys at Toshubis_pinup_and_fanart. Please check it out.