magicalmisfits on March 10, 2009

This arc will be Dark Eyes baby shower. And in addition it will be a celebration of web comics. I hope you all enjoy seeing these characters and that I do them Justice. today we have Jenny Everywhere. You won't find a link since she is open source available to everyone. Thank You to Fess I forgot abot Jenny's Web Site here Thanks Fess .The paragraph on the last panel is the only requirement to use her. Fesworks asked that she be included.
The cameos:
Nemi PSI
Scale Cameo_Comic
Aggie American_Gothic
Nikkie The_KAMics
Goldie Like_Fish_in_water (The only male invited to this party)
Star Ironkeel, Darkeyes, Lana Five Claw, Princess Fury, Jib Sail Ironkeel,Ogre Bec, Whisper Song, Porshe, and Hildegard Ironkeel are all Magical Misfit Characters.

Apparently Star and the rest did not let Lana in on the fact the there was a shower and Whisper Song would be there. Lana is a bit of a nervous Nelly they were afraid she'd blow the surprise.

Bonus strip Continued from yesterday nothing to do with a baby shower