Metal Memory

magicalmisfits on Nov. 28, 2022

I like the concept of inanimate objects attaining consciousness over time through love or familiarity. Wapsi Square had an arc where a college student was a much loved teapot that had gained sentience over centuries of being in a family. I thought about Frozen II’s water has memory as well. Why must it be just water? Metal has a liquid form too. Meet Cuda’s prized possession. An ancient Ironkeel sword it predates Bulkhead Ironkeel who is ancient indeed. Could the sword predate Magic’s return? We will have to see.
The books Stormy recovered from the Slavers on the ship couldn’t be read. Stormy thought they were spell encrypted or locked. It seems the books provide the needed spell when it is needed. But of course that’s not all of it. We will see as we go.