Don’t be a Princess

magicalmisfits on Dec. 2, 2022

Windy’s realm or more accurately Riley’s World
Has many of things we have here like food trucks, McDonalds, and Disney. Stormy has even visited the realm with Summer. Most recently for Summer’s nice sweet coming of age party. That’s how Windy ended up here with Stormy now. Wrong turn looking for the restroom. Lana and HK got a butler out of that party.
But I digress, Windy and to a lesser extent Cuda are not having Stormy’s BS. They are going with their friend no matter what. Which is good since l think Windy is the more powerful of the two mages. Stormy can do plants but Windy can do huge AOE’s. She sank a 2162 ton displacement three deck ship of the line and only needed a nap afterward. So having Hurricane Whisky nearby is a very nice ace-in-the-hole. Cuda will show his worth in time I’m sure.