Milestone: Celebrating Comic #150

Lonnehart on May 19, 2010

I guess I could've done a better job at this, but I was pressed for time again. And as usual, Hogan is going after people for giving him too much work… And the one main difference between KAM and myself is that I'm armed… with a very heavy 1 Gigaton Anchor. KAM, on the other hand… well… I think he runs really REALLY fast. Let's hope Hogan doesn't chip his axe too much this time. :)

As for who's in the ring (so to speak…)

Wheels from Magical Misfits
Deoxi from Weird Void
Pinky from Pinky T.A.

and finally,
Bobby and Steve from Life and Death

I hope I'm not overworking Hogan with this… I had actually planned more cameoes, but real life is pulling me off my computer again…