Afraid of disappointing everyone...

Deathfire on Feb. 23, 2009

I bet all of you guys expected this. Another artist just dropping her project out of the blue, and I promised that I wouldn't. I've been so distracted lately, and haven't been dedicated to this project at all.

LET ME TELL YOU THIS. I am NOT dropping the project completely. I'm just going to put this on a halt until I can DISCIPLINE myself to be able to update on time and also have quality pages with it.

I feel that since I'm doing this for free and that it's my own schedule, I feel less obligated to updated on a strict level. And I know…that's not good. So lately I've been entering battle comic tourneys that have set due dates to help push my self-discipline and help me turn in things on time.

So I'm basically going through “rehab” and will come back with better stuff when I can train myself to do better with this whole webcomic thing.

I'm ALWAYS ACTIVE ONLINE, so be sure to VISIT MY WEBSITE, and ALSO CHECK ME OUT ON VOID! If you haven't heard of Void, it's a well-known battle comics site and I'm in the process of joining and doing a LOAD of sequentials on there, so please check me out! (I'm Pigeon_Maiden on there)

I apologize dearly, and I hope you guys can empathize with my situation. I just have a serious lack of self-discipline, and I hope to get a bit better enough to continue with my webcomic.

(I hope you guys at least enjoy the new revamped designs…^^' They're slight, but better. :D )