Superkip and Scaredycat against bad traffic

Ryjia on Nov. 22, 2009

Dutch, again.
Let me translate:

Panel 1: In a polluted world.
Panel 2: In a boring world.
Panel 2: In an ennoyed world.
Panel 4: In a… traffic jam?
There's always a need for a superhero.
Panel 5: “I am Superkip!”
“And I'm here to fight all the evil in the world!”
“Traffic jams belong in that category?”

This is old. Very old. But I felt like posting it now anyway. Made for the same comic competition as the “no inspiration” ark, only the year after “no inspiration”. This was meant to be 3 pages, but I was really busy and I really didn't feel like making another two.
Kip is my nickname. It means chicken, but it doesn't have the same ring as it has in English. It's more like: you have chicken strength…aka you're not strong at all. Then I said. I'm no chicken, I'm superchicken! And so this superhero Superkip came to be… Naturally I needed a side-kick: Scaredy-Cat, my sister.
Is it sad that my alter ego has an alter ego?