Never Mind TC Edition- Season 1

LanceDanger on May 3, 2020

Hello, everybody! This here is the remake of my original webstrip, Never Mind!
About 14 years ago, I published my first ever webcomic. No, NOT Fred Peterson The Mighty Warlord, but a small, intimate, personal webstrip called Never Mind.
I made 5 “seasons” worth of comics, 12 strips each, and it was popular in it's own way. Much like with Warlord, though, the original artwork was lost for most of the seasons. I do, however, have a PDF of the first 12 strips, but, I decided to redo this strip anyway.
Sp like Warlord, again, I am doing a Truthful Comics Edition with new artwork and better lettering, making it viable to make a good printed version of it.
I am going to be posting strips every Sunday on the Never Mind FaceBook page first, then here and the TC site, so, please like the page if you wish to read and share on the social media lol and follow on some of the crazy things that happened to me lol