apeshizznitty49 on April 11, 2007

(This will primarily be comedic, I just wanted an awesome title page :P)

Yes, yes, this does look QUITE a lot like Gambit's body design…I needed some reference (very direct torso/legs reference :P) and Zac has been giving me a bad time. However, who was it that stole the entire Civil War idea from Marvel?? :P

Nugget is a hero supporting Team Zac in the Drunk Duck Civil War. He possesses unnatural strength and leaping capabilities, but is best known for throwing gold bars to take out any foe. Nugget sports a traditional spandex uniform but with a twist–gold lining on the outside for extra protection. He wears a satchel on his back to hold his gold bar ammo supply, and wears a mask to conceal his true gold-loving identity…for the moment. Nugget also enjoys a good laugh and long walks on the beach.

More will be coming eventually…things will be busy for a while so I am not sure when I will be able to update.

As I stated before, I only wanted to have an awesome title page, so from now on it will not be as detailed as this…AT ALL….besides, this will be a comedy…it doesn't need detail! :P

Hope you enjoy!