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For those that need to know, the last strip on the linked page has Aggie, the “guest” artist of CameoComic that was with Scale when they visited PSI (both times) and when PSI visted CameoComic, Aggie (also known as Gothia) became a double agent and was “working for” The EOU…

After the PSI crew found and rescued Scale's creators, Hogan and Caitlin, they reunited and later staged the attack on the EOU (which is happening “right now” in CameoComic as far as PSI is concerned).

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The PSI Gang is currently in the Evil Overlords United webcomic, rescuing captured webcomic characters!

The thing with Jenny Everywhere will be completed at a later date, but for now, I think you get the picture… if you had not read the Jenny Everywhere comic that I was doing for the Crossover Wars, just know that she is holding “Obliviousness Spray” which is supposed to counter WCA, or “Webcomic Awareness”.
- January 3rd, 2007 -

All cameos used WITHOUT PERMISSION unless indicated by “*”

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(currently unfinished and out of sinc with this PSI strip as of January 1, 2008)
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