#PAGEANT 2 (2018) Cover

VinoMas on Jan. 20, 2018

The #Pageant 2 Promotional Drive Day


#Pageant 2015's Drunk Duck Fashion Forum's community art project brought over 25 artists together to create characters, fashions, and competition.

Due to a time warp and a possible murder, Princess January, the host of the #Pageant, put it on pause, until she could properly end it in 2017, announcing a variety of category winners, and most awarded character, XARA, who won the crown.

Now 2 years later, artist Vinomas and Dragonaur team up as Princess January gives XARA her time to shine as host!

It's SUPER EASY! Just comment below that you would like to participate.
Then this webcomic will give you all the details.

Comment below if you wanna participate or have questions!