Strain42 on Oct. 3, 2009

Ok, lotta stuff I wanna talk about for this comic. A. putting the word “Dudemeister” into this moment turns a horrible tragedy into a joke…a bigger joke. B. I don't wanna hear anyone talk about the shape and anatomy of Shinji's head in the second panel. I did my best damn it! C. Again, added joke, the MC and Aigis are supposed to be making out in the third panel. D. The street lights ARE clearly working in the game, but that could be a dark hour thing, I don't know, the game is pretty vague on how certain things work in the dark hour. and lastly E. As you may notice, there are no outlines in the final panel, was the best way I could fit a lot of characters into a tiny space. (again, I like to actually model the comics on the actual ingame cutscenes) This “art style” I think looks pretty good, but don't expect to see a lot of it. I am proud of it though, it looks neat. That is all.