The begining

Ozoneocean on Jan. 3, 2006

Since Drunk Duck has come online again, I’m going to add proper commentary to all my pages.

Pinky TA began as a painting series, as part of my bachelor’s degree in fine art. One of my lecturers encouraged me to turn Pinky into a comic. I initially resisted because I didn’t know much about comics, but went along with it for the fun and the marks, (I DID want to pass you know). After that, Pinky slowly took on a life of her own.
The original pages were all drawn in pencil at A3 size on cartridge paper. Only the first four were inked. The work had no text and no colour; all that was added when I was putting the pages up on Drunk Duck the first time. You can see the horrible job I did here of trying to clean up my nasty inking. You live and learn.
Some may find this first series of five pages confusing, because of the action and lack of meaningful text, but it fits in. There are hints and clues of things here that are expanded upon and have more meaning down the line.
But please just gloss over the stupid anachronisms,

A note:
I've decided to upload one page a day until I catch up with the main site. Just because I like to write about these pages and it's really hard to do that when I upload 10 at a go, (which I hate doing). Meanwhile, if you want to see the latest, just click the “Main site” link.