Party conversations

ozoneocean on Jan. 3, 2006

Page Description:
There’s people going on in their off-colour way, hinting at darker things. Colon is over there on the right, being a wanker (which is his main reason for existing). Cc is just ignoring him, the way you should with wankers.

This is the big party page I used to make the last two. Well, there was so much work here I think that’s justified. :)
I had a lot more fun with costumes, especially that black haired woman in grey and the Admiral’s dress gear. This is another pic I sketched while with a friend… I can’t remember who though. I may have drawn a bit of this on the train as well. This one took quite a while; colouring all those lamps individually was hell! And so was trying to find a different colour for all the damn outfits.
The character’s conversation here was another chance to bring across the attitude of these people to war and death in this story.

A note:
I've decided to upload one page a day until I catch up with the main site. Just because I like to write about these pages and it's really hard to do that when I upload 10 at a go, (which I hate doing). Meanwhile, if you want to see the latest, just click the “Main site” link.