Part 7 page 37

Ozoneocean on Nov. 9, 2010

Page description:
Ace is on his way…
Meanwhile Pinky isn't enjoying herself. Those manacles are rather rough on the inside.
But she's a tough chick, puts aside the pain, and yanks that rusty old pin out of the wall! Meanwhile, sweating it up in a grubby shift. Boob sweat FTW.

2 fricken months… give or take. Maybe a bit less? I dunno. Doesn't matter, I loved doing this page! LOTS of figure stuff here, lots of Pinky, simple BGs, simple colour scheme that helps direct through the flow, no panel borders (again). Of such things, love is born. ^__^

12.17am on a Tuesday… Queued page. Woot!
Bed time now. -_-

What will Thursday's feature comic be? I dunno… have to do that still. It can wait till tomorrow. :P