Part 7 page 40

Ozoneocean on March 29, 2011

Page description:
Pushing the tiger as fast as she can, Pinky comes in sight of the illusive Ace… She does some calculations and ends up shooting his back. Ace is rather surprised and none too pleased to see her.

First up, I meant to finish this last week. I could have, but life got in the way as well as getting ready for the Quackcast recording. But here it is, only 3 weeks down this time and much less panels! This one was fun and easy to draw, except for Pinky's nose. That gave me issues.
-note: bullets hitting hardened steel don't create much flash and spark, if any at all… But realistic effects don't really show up much so I had to go Hollywood. Again. -_-

Listen to the Quackcast! It's about webcomics on Drunk Duck and webcomics in general. It's Skoolmunkee and I crapping on about stuff in silly accents…
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I'll reply to all comments on the previous comic page like I did last time ^_^
In the creation of this page the two shows I watched most online were Daria and How I met your mother. Now I need to shower and sleep. Good night!