Part 7 page 43

Ozoneocean on Sept. 30, 2011

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Unfazed by the direct hit on her mech, Pinky tries to return fire while Ace high-tails it to find cover and regroup. She goes for her gun, then her flame canon… both of which are smashed to crap unbeknownst to her, and so in frustration she instinctively tries the rockets… and ends up wasting them as Ace ducks behind cover, leaving Pinky very thoroughly frustrated.
Well you know this would've been finished last week, but my main computer died… It had been dying for a while but it finally went down. So I struggled along on a slower backup machine. It did a fantastic job actually (if a bit laggy sometimes), it's just that psychologically I would've preferred to be in my comfort zone, so that slowed me down. Plus, I lovelovelove my great big huge giant LED tv monitor and I missed it :(
Anyway, it seems a new video card was all it too to revive the beast (for now), but I'll still prolly need a new one anyway.
Listen to The Drunk Duck Radio Play!!!!!
This was the extra special radio play that many of us got together and made for DD! Many, many people participated and it was ALL put together and managed by Ayesinback, who did an amazing job organising, editing, orchestrating and coordinating everything!