Part 7 page 48

Ozoneocean on June 10, 2012

Page description:
Trying to quickly exit from her little hidey-hole into somewhere more escapable didn't turn out well. Seems Ace zeroed in and was waiting. Both Pinky and her Tromper have suffered some pretty severe damage.

Many years in the making, I finally got to this page! Woo! It's a bit of a shame I had to cover most of the leg wounds with effects… I made them realistic enough to disgusted me. I was pretty proud of that… Looked all meaty and fresh. But it's for the best since I don't like my pages to revolt me and gore turns me off. ^_^

Previous News:
I've done 3 glorious pages for the DD radio play!
And these only took me about 4 days work all up, which is unusual.
One day for the pencils and one day for each pages colouring and lettering:
Please check out the DD play comic, there are a lot of great artist styles there!