Part 7 page 51

Ozoneocean on Nov. 21, 2012

Page description:
Kaboom! Boom! Bang! Krackoooooom!!!!
(That last sound was a hubcap rolling away.)
Escaping the explosion of Ace's rocket- using her intimate knowledge of her tromper technology Pinky managed to divert circuits, remove safeties and set all sorts of toggles so that the legs on her mecha had the maximum possible power for one last destructive thrust.
She catapulted her tromper right onto Ace's cab, crushing it in the process. She managed to balance her crippled mecha on Ace's flattening tromper till an explosion jolted her off against the cliff face.
With her main leg struts shattered it's unlikely her mecha will ever walk again, even if Pinky does manage to survive her injuries and all that fire and explosions…
Meanwhile, the forces that Ace was going to meet up with are heading this way.
The end for a while. This was a killer page to work on and took waaaaay more time and effort than is really worth it for a comic like this. Ahhhh…
For a while I will be working with Banes on a new comic called Bottomless Waitress… It's a cheeky, mature comedy. That style should be a bit of a welcome change for me. Will be hosted on DD for now.
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