Pinky TA 8: Page 12

Ozoneocean on Dec. 7, 2017

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Things are finally going RIGHT! The mecha is working as expected, progress is being made, it pisses off Cc, but who cares? They DID it! Now to work in that huge landship thing..

We Can Do It! Betty stars as Rosie the riveter and Firepit is the “We can do it” woman from the Westinghouse posters that people now mistakenly THINK of as Rosie- She's not and never was.
But it IS an iconic image from the period. The funny thing was that it wasn't a popular image in WW2, no one except the Westinghouse factory people ever saw it. It only became popular in the 1960s I think. Whereas Rosie the Riveter, as exemplified by the famous Norman Rockwell painting, was a popular character.
Funny how our knowledge of history becomes twisted.