...hello? *tap tap* this thing on?

Munchi on April 3, 2014

Oh! Hey there! Been a while.
Infact, it's been such a long while that I doubt you guys will even read this :P
So, 7 years ago I started this thing. It's honestly the worst piece of shit I've ever seen, but it was sort of a thing and I made it and I guess I can be proud of that.
When I was drawing it and updating occasionally, I was in high school. It was near the beginning of my first plunge into depression and it was one of the few ways I had to escape my life and thoughts.
After I swithced over to the “new site” I updated spordically a few times before going on an unannounced and permanent hiatus. I don't really want to go into any detail about my life (this IS the internet after all) but it was pretty sucky. Not 3rd world sucky, I'm a pretty priviliged person and I'm not about to claim otherwise, but needles to say, it wasn't fun.
But, I'm in a decent place in life now and I'm starting to think that a webcomic would be a pretty fun thing to work on.
I've been toying with a short series in my head for a little while now. Let's meet back here on Saturday April 12th and I'll have some sample artwork to show you :)
(and thanks for being there, you have no idea how much it meant to me, and means to me now, that I had readers and fans. You're awesome and I love you)