Preteen Demon: The Chandler Group Incident

Inkmonkey on June 19, 2015

Oh wow, it's been a long, long time since I've been here on Drunkduck. Or, uh… The Duck. Well whatever it is now… Hello again everyone! If you remember me at all it's probably for Elijah and Azuu, which this is a sequel to. This comic was originally hosted at, but unfortunately that site folded and for a long while there was nowhere to read this comic… which is a bad thing, since my wife Tea Green is working on the sequel to this story, Preteen Demon 2. I met her because of my work on Elijah and Azuu, so we've both been very excited to work together on Preteen Demon and other stories. It might take me a bit of time to get everything uploaded, but I'm planning to upload all of Preteen Demon here as its new official home. I hope you're all excited to read this new story in the world of Elijah and Azuu! And once it's all up and you read the whole thing be sure to head to Preteen Demon 2 and watch the story continue!