CH02P41 - Death Grip

Pyren on June 11, 2010

Hey guys! I'm back for the mean time. I was only able to upload this much for now. Will try my best to get an update up by next week.


@Ghost: Chin shot, that's gotta hurt.

@DJ: Yep, indeed.

@Peipei: and also how OP they are >.>. Oh and i can't wait to catch up on deadfingers =D

@Decruic: =D

@Steel: sigh, If only they had an achievement like that

@Daldrin: Sorry for the wait but there ya go! =D



- Hey guys, I really didn't expect that i would be this busy and also not to mention the game that i have been waiting for finally got released(starcraft 2) so i am not sure what i'm gonna do with this comic right now =[. I'm gonna leave this on hiatus for now till things settle. I was really anticipating and excited when the gang finally enters the deadmines and a little side pages of some lady onyxia unexplained events. =[

So once again sorry for the no updates =[


UPDATE: JULY 02, 2010

- Hey guys, sorry for the lack of updates lately but i have been really busy and it's hard to balance time for this comic and with the stuff going on right now(I've been promoted so i actually have to do more work now, hehe). Also, I'm so glad that some of you still check for updates =]. Oh and sorry again to all of you and also Dadlrin, I guess I have to make you wait again =[

As always, i will update via twitter if i am working on a page. I am glad that some of you still read and I do hope things settle so I can get back to working on this again. =]