Robotech: pg. #33-34

meemjar on May 1, 2010

Didn't expect that didja?

You see its like this. When I saw Robotech for the first time I saw the final Macross episode where Khyron destroys the SDF-1 and kills all the bridge crew except Lisa Hayes.

Then the second story arc occurs as Dana Sterling and co. defend the Earth against the Robotech Masters who followed their Zentreadi warriors to Earth.

After their defeat the Invid arrive and conquer the exhausted and depleted Earth. At that time though, the SDF-3 was returning to Earth and is attempting to liberate it.

Among the freedom fighters is a feisty red-head named ANNIE who bears an uncanny likeness to Sammie Porter of the SDF-1 bridge crew. Not only was she a spitting image but her disposition was the same. A pint-sized, red-headed, motor-mouthing little spitfire who threw herself at every boy she met.

I thought; “Incredible! She must be Sammie's daughter!”

But then I remembered Sammie died on the SDF-1.

Or did she?

You see not only was her death off-screen and therefore ambiguous, but in the next episode an innacurate eulogy was presented omitting some of the bridge crew names.

So I decided to create a fanfic telling of how she survived and years later bore a daughter that became a hero in her own right.

In fact my theory has been met with mostly positive responses.
Some say it ties the saga together even better.

You can read it on

you need a FREE membership and then just SEARCH for my member name; emjar and you'll find the fanfic.