The End.

skets on Sept. 21, 2014

Holy shit. I did it. This is the last page of Rasvaar. I honestly didn't think I'd ever see this day.
When I started this comic I was 14. (There were about 30 pages where the art was even worse, which I re-did in this slightly better style, haha.) As a teenager I had a lot of trouble with gender and sexuality and making this comic really helped me with that. I also had friends who loved to look through my sketchbook and they were my first audience. Then I uploaded this to the web and the overall response from people made me so happy. I'd been interested in storytelling as a kid and it's my career now as an adult, and Rasvaar was an important part of that. I learnt so much from making this terrible comic.
I grew out of this when I started university. And I would have just left it unfinished forever, if not for the occasional messages that I got from people who really loved Rasvaar. I'm honoured to say that I've had messages from people who said that this helped them come out of the closet. To everyone who has ever said a kind word about this comic, or who has reached out to me about Rasvaar; THANK YOU. You are the people who kept this comic alive. It was hard for me to feel moitvated about something that I had out-grown, but any time someone reached out to me, how could I not make a new page or two? Thank you so much for sticking with this comic. I'm so sorry that the updates were sporadic and that I didn't finish this sooner.
Originally I was going to give this comic a very obvious ending. Rasvaar would get home and his parents were gonna be all, “Uh yeah, we knew this whole time and we were fine with it, dummy.” Hahaha, the trip was for nothing. But I prefer this ending. The trip wasn't for nothing. It gave Rasvaar the strength to face a pretty tough situation. I'm of the opinion of waiting to come out, if you know that your family will throw you out. Because homelessness in the LGBT community is a big deal. This is something that happens and it sucks. So I'm in no way saying that you should come out into a potentially dangerous situation. Wait until you can support yourself, that is totally fine and valid. But for Rasvaar, the rumor was out and on its way to his parents, so his hand was forced.
So yeah. This is it. Again, thank you so much for reading this. Thank you so much for any kind words you sent my way. You have no idea how much it has meant to me. I love you all.
xo Lex