n_y_japlander on Oct. 31, 2007

Fabulous fiftieth fantastic fabrication!!!!!!!

Yup, yup… that's right, Raw Fish is 50 pages today (minus the guest strips, fillers', and past thingies)! So, a special strip today!!!!!!

This IS much more elaborate than I had planed!!!! With a lot more than just one cameo!!
12 cameos' to be correct! I can not keep track of all the links and names used in this strip, but you know them/who they are.
I'm so sorry that I did NOT get every one in here! I wanted to put in all 65 of you that left comments on more than 4 pages! But that would have took some great planning!

I thank every one who has stopped by to veiw “Raw Fish?” and hug every one who has commented!
With out your support I would NOT be drawing Melvin now… so, again Thanx Bunches and Bunches!!!!

After today “Raw Fish?” & “Japan Q&A” will be back on their normal up-dating track.

I can NOT say thank you enough!!!!!!


P.S. sponge bob is crazy huge here in Japan!!