119 - Halloween Special

reboundcomic on Oct. 31, 2007

Okay, I realize that by the time you read this Halloween will be over. I started this strip the day before and decided that even though it is late it still needed to go up.

Panel 1: That is Fletcher dressed as Pintsize from Questionable Content. It is the lone non-Drunk Duck strip represented. Billy is dressed as the Viking from According to Plan a great strip that has not been updating recently. Finally, Sebastian is the Patrick from Trapped in a Comic.

Panel 2: Sebastian and Billy are the two little characters from Shiny Things, a comic that really needs to update a lot more. Fletcher is Adam Ant from Ant Comics.

Panel 3 sees all of the guys representing the FantastiTeam which is sadly on hiatus.

Finally Panel 4 sees the guys dressed as Annie and Kat from Gunnerkrigg Court.

I realized in putting this together most of the strips I read are fairly realistic. How do you dress the guys up as someone from Company Man? or Children At Play or strips like that?

We continue the storyline on Friday.