Page 63

Ladyknight17 on Sept. 11, 2009

See! I'm alive. I haven't given up! And I can make word balloons now! Go me! Makes everything a lot cleaner. I was disappointed with myself when I realized I was avoiding ending this comic. I don't want to. But I owe it to myself and to anyone who has taken the time and effort to support me to do so. So, I've renewed my efforts, and plan to start up a second comic in the near future. But don't expect to see the second comic soon. I want to get it finish completely before I post it here.

Anyway, yay Sirus is back!! And we I promise in the next few pages we will get to learn what happened between him and May. And pieces of the puzzle will start to fall together. As you can see, my style has been changing, for the better. I've gotten much better at many different things, and have been teaching myself using online tutorials. So, from here one out everything should look wonderfully crisp. If I ever get the time I plan to go back and redo this whole comic. Update some of the writing, edit and recreate some of the pages I feel are weak. Really put more pride into it then I have. Anyway…sorry for rambling on. Enjoy!!