Eric Harmon's Relik Sketches!

SympleSymon on March 13, 2014

So, yeah my plans to take over the artistic reins of the comic died when it was painfully obvious that my talents plateaued at ‘cartoony and awful’, lol. SO I started looking for a new artist again as quickly as possible. And I've finally found him! Please welcome (back, in a sense) the esteemed Eric Harmon!
Since it's been a while, we'll be relaunching Relik with a short primer/teaser into events ahead with a sneak-peek at a future issue… how far into the future is still a mystery, but I'm sure you'll love it! Until then, get curious and excited over these sketches!
Dave and Eric

Hello everyone! Eric here! Just thought I would chime in. You may be asking yourself, “Hey…this looks an awful lot like an unfinished teaser,” and that's because, you're right my very clever friend! It is! I am very excited to be working on Relik and more importantly, with Dave again, because this guy has all sorts of awesome ideas that I can't wait to help with! Dave and I have been looking off and on for a project to work on together for–actually about two years I think. Since about the time RETAKE ended (holy crap! It doesnt seem like it's been that long). I wont give anything away, because you may still see some of those projects at some point or another, but when Dave asked me to take on Relik, I was pretty excited! On a more artsy fartsy note, this will be the first time I do a comic fully digital, using only manga studio and a trusty tablet. There was a slight learning curve but I'm getting it. We'll see how it goes through issue one.
Thanks for reading guys! Relik is back!