2015- Re-Launch

Jobo on Jan. 5, 2015

Hey everyone! I know it's been quite a while…I officially am done with college and have my BFA in illustration. There's lots to discuss with some of the amazing jobs and experiences Ive been having, but I'll save it for another time—–SO!My old web comic Rizmo is making a comeback this year! With new art, new stories, and more awesome (and creepy) adventures! ^_^ Ill be sure to keep you all updated on when the Re-launch will happenI plan on keeping the original 2008-? version (pages/art/ideas) up on this location even after the new one has been posted.Til then, Here! Have a cover featuring Abbey! Thank you all for being so awesome ^_^ALSO, feel free to follow my progress/ other work at my Tumblr :) here:http://pagliarosm.tumblr.com/Love,Sarah Pagliaro