1-13 Trials and Disbelief

Serene Storm Neko on June 21, 2009

Okay, so I lied. Said I was getting back on schedule just to miss the next two updates due to a student conference at the college I'll be attending in the fall.

But at least I got a comic up today. I actually tried inking this one using a nifty new pen that converts drawings into files on a USB drive, but I had… troubles with it. Ended up just scanning this in and photoshopping it as usual. It's a shame. It didn't clean up well and I kinda like the art on this one.

My style also seems to have changed again a little bit. At the very least the breasts are different. I think it's more obvious now that Regla is significantly ‘better’ endowed that Sheera. Why does it matter? Well, it matters to Regla.