On second thoughts.

dpat57 on Dec. 20, 2019

Agent Biff Thrash, Major Anistasiya Valeriya Grommitkov.

Where we've got to: In the secret Cold War era laboratory complex beneath the frozen wastes of darkest Russia, Agent Biff Thrash and Major Anistasiya Valeriya Grommitkov await the detonation of the nuclear device that's trapped in the elevator with Stalin and Count Rastov, on their way down into the bunker. Bah-da-boom any second now. The Major had a bad headache a few seconds ago… coinciding with Major Hinkel and Von Gross rising from the dead to become revenants, Hinkel delayed the elevator and Von Gruss, with superhuman strength, threw the bomb inside before the door closed….

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Characters and locations designed in SketchUp
Snapshots taken using Screenhunter 6
Dialogue and effects added using Paint.NET
Fonts by Blambot.com