SonAmyCrazyGirl on Nov. 12, 2009

So it begins…. Karesi is in a different dimension. The evil dictator, {SPOILERS}, has conquered the eastern half of it. Shadix's father was shot in the abdomen, but survived for three months before a bounty hunter came looking for a wanted Kaeor in the district that Shadix lived. They were suspected of housing the wanted Kaeor, and so they had to run away to Kaepse, his mother's hometown. Over time, his father was fading because of the lethal gunshot wound, and he finally faded on the night of Kaei 4, 221Z. (Equivalent to September 4th, 2003, when Shadix was, of Kaeor equivalent, 7.) The loss of his father shook him. He took a vow to never let anything happen to his siblings, Shadia, & Karbon, and his cousin, who was an orphan, Fearhath. His mother eventually faded away when he was the equivalent of 18. He lived two years in depression. Then he heard a rumor of a place that Kaeors went when they faded away. He searched long and hard for five years, ending in nothing but total failure. I've rambled on long enough, so I'm stopping here.