Okami SM - Introduction

kahvie on March 19, 2007

The introduction to the Ã…Å’kami comic I've been mentioning in my DA journal so much. Page 0, if you will. Page 1 should be up in the next few days ago, since the heavy inking style gives me a lot more freedom when coloring than Kloteck (which should be up soon as well). All updates should take place one to two weeks apart, depending on what is going on for me in RL, plus I need to be working on finishing up trades and commissions as well.

Of course there will be spoilers for those who have not yet reached Wawku, so if you don't mind said spoilers or have already finished the game, feel free to kick back and enjoy the comic!

(Ōkami © Clover and its awesome creators. Comic is mine, for fun, no money involved)