The Others: Part 24

nzabob on Oct. 16, 2010

HOLY CRAP EVERYONE, I have been gone a long time. What has it been, 3 months? Awful, awful on my part. Let me explain.
When i updated last in July, I was incredibly busy doing things with family and friends and trying to find a summer job. I also had tons of free time, but frankly I had lost my buzz for making comics because i had no good preogram to use; i was stuck using Photoshop Elements 6.0. Recently, however, I was able to buy the software license for this great program, Paint Tool SAI, which is what I was originally using to make this comic for about the first 50 pages or so. So i drew up a comic and VOILA. Here we are. I like the violence in today's comic :D
I was surprised to discover that, during my absence, I was still receiving a fair amount of pageviews on this comic. This pleased and puzzled me, because I didn't think that many people read Sheldon! Since July 19, the last update, I've recieved over 1,700 pageviews with no updates. :O .
If people are still reading this, (and if anybody actually reads the “artist's comments”) I encourage you to comment and rate for me. You get a cookie for doing so.

I'm back, everyone!