xailenrath on April 15, 2018

OK, NOW we're done!
Poor Tammy Shotwell prettymuch missed the entire Misfits of Mischief side of this adventure, as she had her hands full after Sheriff Hank left her in charge of Shelterville!

Thalia left a note to, hopefully, keep Monroe, Quinn and Bjorn in the absentee Sheriff's good graces after all the nuttiness that went down. This also explains what happened to Malligus and the Jacket of Holding. Thalia seems to have roughed him up pretty good (SO good, that his HAIR turned white!) and shrunk him to the size of an action figure, but, she didn't kill him.
Malligus and the Jacket of Holding (and Busy Jane Xordam, Dusty Dave Graves, Amanee Peeve, Lainey McGraw and Mona Torpi and any of the background characters I've designed) are now part & parcel of Shelterville, and freely given to Ron Bender, Hogan and any other writers of Shelterville to do with as they see fit.

It's been a good ride, and currently, the longest Misfits of Mischief story that I have completed. I look forward to visiting Shelterville again, someday soon.