First Seed - Chapter 1: Heirloom

ShadowsMyst on Feb. 8, 2007

I decided to mirror Shifters on DD for several reasons. It doesn't hurt and its easy to keep track of for people who read DD comics. All the nifty tools are here too, so its easy to just put it here incase someone wants to follow it here. The more eyeballs the better I say!

Technical details:
This is the re-invention of the comic previously named “Shifters: The Beast Within”. It has been retitled to ‘Redux’ because it is being reborn both artistically and in the story. The original was a learning experience, and had many hands which made for a wobbly story and art from over 8 years ago. This is my attempt to make this comic as I originally intended it, but lacked the skills nearly 10 years ago. I hope you enjoy the ride.