Teen Angel 1: Page 1

Eunice P on April 30, 2006

Teen Angel is a 2-chapter comic that I did in year 2000-2003 for a friend online. At that time, my knowledge on American culture was merely skin deep. You will find some of the jokes here somewhat stereotypical and old, as this was my first struggle trying to do an “Americanized” humor comic. Occasionally, I did struggle with art blocks here and there in this comic and some pages of the comic proved to be quite a sting to the eye. *Ouch!* However, what matters most is that I had fun doing this comic.

The first chapter of the comic is done entirely by me whereas the second chapter of the comic is assisted by David Gonterman (a big kudos to this man for taking the effort to assist me with the dialogues).

Oh yeah, some folks (depending on their cultural perception) might find this comic a bit shounen-ai (boy-boy relationship) but I swear I’m no shounen-ai artist. It’s unintentional, really.