MOPA 030

xailenrath on Jan. 17, 2019

Y'know, when I started Shrimp Fried Riot back in 2005 or so, I had no idea that it would eventually turn into my life story in comic form.
But, 13 years, a title change and a shitload of catharsis later, here we are.

I am making these things, because I initially wanted to end the comic and maybe do something different.
I thought of 3 different ideas for where to take this, and, like the glutton for punishment that I am, I may just run with all 3 ideas.
Not only that, but, the closer I get to the final comic, the more stuff I want to say, and more issues that I have rehashed need to be put into the comic.
On the positive side, I may never end this comic.
On the negative side, I MAY NEVER END THIS COMIC!

Anywho… I think I just figured out the place in my life where it all started to go downhill.
Right around the time I abandoned my childhood nickname.