[19/Sep/2011] The Celluloid Ghost, page 10 [N.S.F.W.]

Dee Arris on Sept. 19, 2011

Let me say this to start – good God that is the most horrendous rug ever! This page was inspired by a scene from Stanley Kubrick's, 'A Clockwork Orange,' in which Malcolm MacDowell's character invades the home of a woman with perhaps the worst taste in art ever. Upon re-watching that scene, Stacy and I both felt it was amusing that the piece she uses to try and attack our hero is the only one we would consider tasteful. Hrrm…wonder if people actually get eaten by those lip-couches? Oudy's new art classes have wielded some definate results, as reflected in the change of style. That's about all I have to say for now, so I'll finish up in the immortal words of Adrian Edmondson, “did you spot it?”
-Scotty D.

The velvet texture on the lip-couch was achieved by laying down semi-opaque red, darkened to black in some places by the leaf brush effect. The same was used in the vase in panel 2, albeit lighter, with orange and slate grey…and you're all still staring at that rug, aren't you?
-Stacy L.

Skelwarp & Sons is copyright © Scotty D. & Stacy L., 2011.
Original artwork is copyright © P-Oudy G., 2011.