Sleepbringer Cover

Ben Ferrari on April 17, 2009

My name is Ben Ferrari. I recently finished my Sleepbringer OGN (available in print at and have been working with Matt Grant of Mastorism fame on a new project. He had me check out Drunk Duck and I decided to post my book here as well.
Sleepbringer has been in various stages of production since 2002 or so, going through various versions, rewrites and directions. With lots of help from writers Buck Weiss and George Meyers, some inking help from Nick Miller and letters and logo from Brandon DeStefano, I finally have the book complete. It clocks in at 84 pages and as i post the pages, you will be able to tell the early pages from new pages, some of which are only a few months old, having finished up drawing it in late 2008.
I'd love comments and suggestions for future stories. By the time i have all 84 pages posted i should have new material ready to post as well.
This here is the cover, with pencils by me, inks by comics veteran Joe Rubenstein and colors by Nick Maradin.
I look forward to your thoughts, thanks