018- Help me!!!

poonipoonz on July 13, 2010

Oh look, a update… After like a year. *shot!* xD Anyways, I decided to bring this comic back seeing as i have a load of free time on my hands. And you guys can also thanks Zerio_Wite for motivating me to make a new page. ^-^ I know the style and page size has changed a lot. My reason for doing this is that it's just waaay too hard to make such a huge page, where as this layout is so much easier. So thanks for understanding. :D Now, enjoy!

On another note everyone, I'd like to announce the comic awards event currently going on on my forum. It's still going so act now to join! It's free for anyone to join. Don't be shy! Simply click on the button below to participate! You'll be happy to know there's great prizes to be won. ;)