Les Fleurs de la Lune - 16

hushicho on April 1, 2022

Poquy is so cute and I'm so happy that he's Jemmy's friend and joining the crew of friends! I hope you found that a heartwarming and fitting resolution to the first book of Space Daddy's adventures, and those of all his friends as well. Thank you so much for supporting Daddy and everyone!

While you're waiting for the next book to start, I'd love it if you would bookmark my official site! I'll be sure to post there when Space Daddy returns, for its second book and the second bunch of adventures. I've been working on them for quite a while, and I can tell you that you're going to have a great time, and meet fun new people. I hope it won't be too long!

If you're wondering why I don't just go ahead and continue to post the comics I have finished, there are a few different reasons. One of the main reasons is because I just need a break, for my own mental health. Space Daddy's comic is the one and only comic of mine still running that has been running for the past five years or so, solidly! That's from a time when things were very different for me, and the world changed a lot in that span that seemed like lifetimes long.

So, in short, it's mainly because I need a break! But I love Daddy and all his friends, and I have more for you to enjoy. Keep an eye on my official site, which can be found at http://hushicho.carrd.co for any updates, and please do be sure to follow what I'm doing here at the Duck and elsewhere! My site has all my links.

See you soon, Space Daddy! <3