Blacktron, "New and Improved"

KDog on Jan. 16, 2010

Looking back at this first comic, it's funny to think that it was just meant as a joke about ships with separable cockpits. All the winding storylines and most of the characters hadn't been thought of yet. The only planning I had done was an outline for the story “Meteor Madness,” which was originally intended to be the debut adventure. I decided, however, that it was too complex for me to handle right out the gate. Instead, I started with some quicker comics that would introduce the characters.

Also, looking back, I see how I've improved. The photography is (mostly) better. It took me awhile, but I eventually figured out how to use anti-alias in my paint program to smooth out the lines in the speech balloons. In the first few comics I also had a problem with the placement and size of the panels, until someone told me that the layout tended to cause the reader to view the word balloons in the wrong order. I think at some point I'll go back and correct these problems, especially if I do a print edition of the comics.

-This is not an official Lego comic. This is a tribute.

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