[5.22] Time

Mizukane on March 12, 2009

I'm back baby!

For those that don't read my main blog, I had to take a hiatus with urgent documentary work. I ended up having to direct and produce this piece which left me absolutely swamped, especially since I'm not a terrific producer. Fortunately, the documentary was a success and our group's work has been called the one of the best years our tutor's have seen.

So, riding on that buzz, here's a new page. One thing you learn about a Film and TV course is that weekends don't necessarily mean days off. Days off do happen but they are very unpredictable, so my posting my become a bit more sporadic. Still want to aim for one a week though. The story's just getting good.

I've recently featured in an interview which you can read here:

Apologies again and thanks for your patience :D